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About The Founder

Ms. Bassan built Chemonics’ health practice from scratch. Chemonics went from a firm with no health portfolio to being an established health partner and innovator, ultimately resulting in contracts worth $325 million generating $80 million in annual sales, and spanning a broad array of health technical areas and regions. Bringing to bear her multisectoral background and strong understanding of health, capacity-building, NGOs and the private sector, Ms. Bassan built in eight years a portfolio of five health IQCs and more than a dozen long-term health contracts across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and LAC, each carrying out significant activities with unique approaches to community, NGO, government and private sector engagement.

In health, Ms. Bassan has innovated over the years in the following areas:

  • Integrated health and health systems strengthening in low-resource and conflict-affected areas
  • TB in the private sector
  • HIV/AIDS capacity-building
  • Total market approaches for incentivizing sustainable private sector participation in health commodity manufacture and distribution
  • Grant financing to build sustainable capacity among local organizations to carry out technical work and manage donor funds
  • Public-private partnerships for sustainable workplace clinics for workers, their families, and surrounding communities
  • Champion collaborative approach wherein communities and health clinics join forces to reach dramatic and measurable health outcomes
  • Multisectoral approaches to health care to expand coverage and benefits from health investments
  • Social franchising of services and whole clinics, including helping conceive and create the world’s largest social franchise.

Similarly, in the mid-90s, Ms. Bassan led Chemonics’ new division on Europe and Eurasia to record sales. As a division chief, Ms. Bassan was responsible for strategic planning, marketing, and both technical and budget oversight of activities carried out by hundreds of international and national staff in dispersed country offices.

At Save the Children, Ms. Bassan served as Project Director for a major USAID experimental initiative to increase PVO/NGO capacity in family planning/reproductive health, child health, and HIV/AIDS, and to provide services through networks and public-private partnerships. Under her leadership, the five-year country targets were met in two years.

Ms. Bassan has extensive experience with umbrella organizations and associations, including serving on a number of boards. She is the immediate past president of SID-Washington, and served on the executive committee of USGLC’s prestigious board and as program chair for APHA’s (American Public Health Association) international health section (overseeing 40 peer reviewed panels and 80 poster sessions annually).

Ms. Bassan has carried out consultancies and long-term assignments for a wide range of national and international organizations in strategic planning, organizational development, activity design and management, and facilitation. She lived overseas for seven years in Kenya and Sudan, where she worked for a variety of NGOs and PVOS as well as USAID missions. In Kenya, she managed a local multisectoral grants fund in one of the first generation PVO/NGO co-financing projects. In Sudan, she built the capacity and funding of the Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA), and managed the USAID mission’s long-term relief and displaced persons programs.

Ms. Bassan holds an M.A. from Columbia University where she completed a joint degree program (Planning in Developing Nations) in the School of International Affairs and the Division of Urban Planning; and a B.A. from St. John’s College, Great Books Program. She speaks French.