The Panagora Group is accepted as a member of the SBAIC

The Small Business Association for International Contractors (SBAIC) has accepted the Panagora Group as a member of the association. This confers in effect a “good house-keeping seal of approval” on Panagora, which is delighted to be a part of this dynamic group.

SBAIC is a membership forum for sharing best practices and promoting equity and meaningful use of small business within USAID contracting. Its members are companies with track records in USAID contract implementation. SBAIC is making itself an ever more important part of the international development community though its new leadership: Indira Ahluwalia, President of Development and Training Services (dTS), is serving as President; and Bob Otto, President and CEO of INTEGRA Government Services International, serves as Vice President. Learn more about SBAIC here.

SBAIC is updating their website, Panagora will appear soon.