Panagora President Helps Form New Coalition of International Development Companies – CIDC

Panagora President Betsy Bassan was front and center in the formation of the new Coalition of International Development Companies (CIDC), and now serves on its Executive Committee. The purpose of CIDC is to bring the deep knowledge and experience of international development companies – small, medium and large – to any table where development is being discussed. The advent of CIDC fills a long-existing need, an especially important need during these times when the future of foreign assistance is being hotly debated and recast. Fifty-four companies have already joined the organization.

International development companies represent more than 40 percent of USAID’s implementation force. They bring highly skilled and very committed development practitioners – international and national alike – to help create sustainable outcomes at scale through demand-driven solutions that are carried forward by local partners, whether government, the private sector, or NGOs. They are entrepreneurial by nature – reflecting American values of innovation, compassion, and results that are close to the heart of the private sector. They are committed for the long haul – taking forward massive economic and social programs, building national capacity to carry solutions forward, and turning our talents to the next challenge.

“CIDC represents a long-held dream of mine. I have worked for local and international NGOs, USAID, and international development companies,” Bassan said. “We are all staffed by dedicated and knowledgeable people who are driven to alleviate poverty and make the world a better place. Never before has it been more important to have all voices with development expertise at the table to craft ever more effective ways to squeeze out the most development impact possible from every dollar.”

“Moreover, as our profession of international development evolves, it is critical that we bring forward all evidence of what works and what doesn’t – from NGOs, international development companies, and other implementing agencies – so that policy decisions are based on the full spectrum of USAID and other donor experience.”

CIDC is superbly led by Chair Charito Kruvant, President and CEO of Creative Associates International. The convening companies include Abt Associates, Chemonics International (whose President and CEO, Richard Dreiman, hosted our first planning meeting), Creative Associates International, DAI, Development and Training Services, INTEGRA LLC, International Resources Group, The Kaizen Company, MSI, and Panagora Group. We receive excellent communications support from the Podesta Group. We are hosted by the Professional Services Council, whose President and CEO, Stan Soloway, serves on CIDC’s Executive Committee.

CIDC carries out its work through a number of task forces staffed from the ranks of its 54 member companies. CIDC’s task forces make sure the group’s voice is present in print, electronic, and social media, and that its members interface on the substantive issues of development with key stakeholders in the Administration, the Hill, other consortia, think tanks, universities, and NGOs. Bassan leads the task force on outreach to coalitions, think tanks, and universities; and supports the membership and fundraising task force.

To learn more about CIDC and stay current on its activities, visit Along with compelling and clear presentations on foreign aid achievements and a list of members, it contains all of the group’s media placements to date, including an editorial by Betsy Bassan in the Huffington Post on June 22, 2011, the day CIDC was launched.

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