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Our Work with USAID & URC Providing Comprehensive Health Support in Northern Uganda

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New IDIQ: Compliance and Capacity Support for Diverse Partnerships

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New Activity: Localize Global Health Security

Panagora launches a new five-year activity supporting the USAID Bureau for Global Health

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Philippines CLAimDev Interactive Learning Hub

Explore a evaluations from education, science and technology, and urban resilience projects for USAID/Philippines Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting for Improved Development (CLAimDev) activity in our interactive Learning Hub.

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Catalyzing Locally-Led Development

As an employee-owned small business, we are the right size to understand and support the unique needs of local partners.

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Team Spotlight: Wisdom Hanson

Check out some of Wisdom's latest work in this story on redistributing medical gel to curb newborn infections in Nigeria.

USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program
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As a small business, Panagora offers the best of all worlds—the efficacy, discipline and results orientation of the private sector, and proven ability to manage complex and fast-moving programs, with the special enthusiasm, agility, and creativity of a small business. True to our name, Panagora is an “inclusive space where ideas bubble and the best thrive and spread.”


Panagora Group believes that focusing on novel and integrated approaches to health and development will yield the best long-term results. To that end, we place special focus on integrating learning and adaptation into how social and economic development interventions are designed – to respond to changing circumstances, and learn from experience.



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Panagora continues to demonstrate pride and thoroughness in their final products and services. They are very consistent in always meeting goals and never hesitate to ask questions if there are concerns. Their team is always looking to go above and beyond. The firm understands and appreciates how continuous learning enhances their overall work product.

Stephanie Fugate, Supervisory CO PPR comment for EVAL ME I IDIQ

As a subcontractor under TASC2 and 3, I worked closely with Betsy Bassan for 10 years. She consistently demonstrated a unique blend of fairness, sound technical judgement, management savvy, and openness. She is unusually effective in creating a consortium team and tapping into the strengths of its members. She also has an unrelenting focus on implementation including managing the transition from proposals to implementation with great skill.

Fred Rosensweig, Training Resources Group

The contractor, through its management approach, was able to adapt to emerging needs from the Mission and align its approaches to ensure that there were no issues with the deliverables of the tasks delivered during the time period.  This ability amounted to noticeable benefits for the USG as the Mission was able to stay on top of its priorities despite the dynamic change in the global context and the work environment.

Fitria Wahid, COR, Indonesia MEL-P

Panagora is very responsive, able to rapidly assemble a top-notch team, field them quickly and compliantly, flexibly modify as required, manage the process, and ensure a timely, high-quality, and cost-effective deliverable.

Neal Donohue, Managing Director, Chemonics

The contractor’s ability to submit deliverables and bills on time cannot be ignored… the level of communication was high and this created a suitable environment for production of quality deliverables.


Panagora is a very flexible and highly responsive contractor, trusted by USAID and Implementing Partners alike, and an example of the kind of partner that USAID seeks in a support services contractor.

USAID/Dominican Republic

News & Updates

Panagora Founder Betsy Bassan Receives Alumni Award from St. John’s College

Panagora founder, Betsy Bassan, receives the Award of Merit from her alma mater, St. John’s College for her achievements in the field of international development, her support to the college as a board member, and for her gift to promote Gender Equity and Inclusivity.

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Panagora Awarded USAID IDIQ to Support Diverse Partnerships

Panagora has been awarded USAID’s five-year Compliance and Capacity Support for Diverse Partnerships IDIQ (CCSDP)

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Team Spotlight: Olumide Oyebamiji

We are shining a spotlight on our incredible team and the important work they do to help us make the world a better place for good. Learn what makes our team #PanagoraProud!

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Panagora Partners with USAID for Five-Year Global Health Security Activity

Panagora is proud to partner with USAID on the new five-year Localize Global Health Security (LGHS) activity. Panagora is thrilled to be entrusted with this important award in which we will work with local organizations and stakeholders to address priority health security gaps at the sub-national level to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging infectious disease threats.

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Launching Five-Year USAID/Sudan MEL Activity

We are proud to announce the launch of the five-year USAID/Sudan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Activity, which Panagora will lead, supported by our partners Sayara International and Weeyacom. Our talented team will work with USAID and other stakeholders to improve performance management at all levels, helping the Mission meet Agency requirements, make evidence-based decisions, and advance a culture of learning across USAID/Sudan and its partners.

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Women’s History Month Interview with Rowena Cañete

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we interviewed Rowena Cañete, to highlight her dedication to gender equality and women’s empowerment in global development.

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Stakeholders in the Philippines’ Innovation Ecosystem Share Experiences and Ways Forward after USAID STRIDE

Strong partnerships between stakeholders in science and technology innovation ecosystems stimulate knowledge creation and transfer, enabling new products and business models to catalyze economic transformation and development. Through activities like STRIDE, USAID plays a vital role in strengthening collaboration among stakeholders in the Philippines’ innovation ecosystem, thus expanding inclusive, market-driven growth in the country. USAID/Philippines commissioned its CLAimDev activity to conduct an independent evaluation of STRIDE’s final three years, which were an extension beyond that activity’s original five-year contract. CLAimDev hosted an online learning event on March 16, 2022, to disseminate its findings, and give 300 participants an opportunity to share their insights on the challenges STRIDE encountered and ways to sustain its gains. CLAimDev’s full evaluation report is now accessible in USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse, and is also available in a web version here.

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The CLAimHealth Story

USAID’s health programming partnership with the Philippine government dates back to the Agency’s founding 60 years ago. The USAID/Philippines CLAimHealth (CLA for Improved Health) activity helped deepen the impact of this partnership by establishing a collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) culture in the USAID/Philippines Office of Health and among its implementing partners...

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Panagora Group Announces Transition to Employee Ownership

Panagora Group is proud to announce that, in addition to being woman-owned, we are now also employee-owned. As of June 30, 2021, we are officially 49 percent employee-owned through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). 

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U.S. Small Businesses: Making Locally-Led Development Stick

U.S. small businesses play an essential role in sustainable global development by engaging, strengthening, and partnering with local organizations and other actors. We are nimble, quick to mobilize, and understand local organizations’ needs for capacity building and the obstacles they face in enterprise-led development...

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