Welcome to Panagora Groupchild

Greetings! Launched in January 2011, Panagora entered at a turning point in health and development. Everyone is eager to mix fresh ideas and innovations with what is now decades of development knowledge. This offers exciting opportunities. With creativity, vision, and a new outlook, Panagora provides proven management and implementation skills and out-of-the-box thinking. We embrace the quest to make our development dollars ever more effective. I extend my personal welcome and my hope that you will connect with Panagora and help realize our dream of being an inclusive marketplace of ideas! read more >

Mission and Vision

Mission. Make our world a better place for good.

Vision. A dependable small business partner providing high-quality, high-impact social and economic development consulting. Special focus on public-private partnerships, human and institutional capacity-building, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning, NGO/community engagement, and integrated solutions that build country capacity and independence.

Our Name

What does the name Panagora mean? Loosely translated from Greek, it means ‘a happening space’!

‘Pan’ means all, or everyone, or even the god of stewardship. ‘Agora’ is the heart of the city, the central square or market place where everyone congregates, where ideas bubble between people connecting with others, and where the best ideas thrive and spread.