Panagora Signs MFAN’s Principles for Strategic Transitions from Development Aid

“It’s a long-term dream to reach a time when all countries can stand on their own, partnering in new ways,” says Panagora President and CEO Betsy Bassan of the recently released “Principles for Strategic Transition from Development Aid.”

Panagora Group is proud to join 100+ organizations and prominent individuals endorsing the document published by Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network (MFAN). The outlined principles would reorient foreign aid to better align with partner countries priorities. MFAN explains that “instead of prematurely cutting countries off aid” the focus should be on creating “responsible transitions determined by a country’s development progress.”

Other signatories include three former USAID Administrators, three former Members of Congress, implementing NGOs, private companies, and faith-based groups, showing a wide range of support for responsible, long-term approaches to foreign aid.