Uganda Health Activity (UHA)

As a subcontractor to University Research Co. (URC), Panagora leads cross-cutting support on the USAID Uganda Health Activity (UHA) 2022-2027, with a particular focus on organizational capacity development, private health financing, private sector engagement, as well as gender and social inclusion. The UHA team aims to strengthen the Ugandan health system and increase the survival and well-being of vulnerable populations. The project enhances local ownership and leadership for sustainable health outcomes and strengthens health systems at the regional, district, facility, and community levels. The overall objectives of the project are to transform the community, facility, district, and regional levels to improve human resources for health, work towards equity, sustainability, and accountability by enhancing political stewardship, local capacity, collaboration across sectors, local involvement, and private sector engagement, to employ interventions centered around governance and health systems strengthening (HSS), and to implement programs able to improve the quality of health services. Panagora plays a key role in providing support for gender integration and social inclusion, as well as private sector engagement.

UHA builds on the successful implementation of the USAID Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services-North, Acholi Activity (RHITES-N, Acholi), scaling up high-impact practices across technical areas while incorporating new integration elements and local ownership.