A Chat with Panagora’s New Director, Pamela Pine

Stacyann: Hi, Pam. We’re so glad that you’ve joined Panagora.  Tell us why you were interested in being a part of this organization.

Pam: I really liked the organization’s orientation and its focus on the changes that are occurring in international health and development, and the fact that it’s a new organization.  There are incredible opportunities with a new group, and particularly one led by smart, creative, concerned, driven people (i.e., Betsy!)

Stacyann: Tell us a little about your background.

Pam: I’ve had a pretty eclectic life and career. I’ve focused on serving the underserved in a number of different locations throughout the world, with a primary focus on women and children given the need. I have an entrepreneurial and creative bent, so I’ve tended toward involvements that are outside of the ordinary, that use methods that bring together evidence-based program elements that have not been put together previously.  For example, to address an issue of coca sales and use in the Northern Border area of Ecuador, a communication project I designed and for which I was the Project Director brought together a coalition of organizations who agreed to brand themselves under a unifying logo. The project focused on positive development messages and licit economics, never once mentioning coca.  The project was really able to reach far and wide through different types of media and brought awareness to large groups of various publics – and ended up being awarded a prestigious international prize for the work!  On another front, to address the need for awareness and understanding and catalyze action on child sexual abuse, my colleagues and I used theatre with after-show discussion, which was able to generate empathy and understanding and intent to act in a way that providing training often just cannot.

Stacyann: What other types of health issues have you worked on?

Pam: Lots: reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, TB, immunization, nutrition, maternal and child health,societal violence, and in a number of different locations throughout the world including Albania, the Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Morocco, Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Yemen, Zambia. I’ve provided technical assistance on research, training, community outreach andeducation, community mobilization, media outreach, advocacy, social marketing, policy development, and evaluation, in addition to organization, program and project leadership. I’m really proud of what I’ve helped accomplish and very grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to be a part of other cultures and environments.  I lived in Yemen in the late 70s, when it had been open to the world for less than a decade!  It was like walking into the Bible.  I am fortunate.

Stacyann: So, what’s next at the Panagora Group for you?

Pam: Well, I’m off to India to gather information about possible programming there.  I’m watching it all unfold, and look forward to the opportunities with a truly innovative and impassioned growing group of professionals.