Our Story

Panagora Group has a proven track record of responding to development challenges with fresh ideas and innovative approaches based on decades of knowledge on what works to improve the well-being of women, men, and children globally.

As a woman-owned small business (WOSB) with seasoned professionals, Panagora offers the best of all worlds — the efficacy and results orientation needed to successfully manage complex programs in challenging environments; and the enthusiasm, agility, and creativity of a small business.

Panagora has an impressive history of delivering results. Since our 2011 launch with two employees, Panagora is now over 180 employees strong and growing. Every day, we work collaboratively to identify and promote evidence-based, sustainable solutions that drive improvements in health, equity, and well-being for disadvantaged populations around the world.

Panagora is dedicated to high-impact, sustainable international development consulting with a focus on global health, private-sector solutions, and the continuum of monitoring, evaluation, and communications for learning and adaptation. We embrace a virtuous cycle of knowledge stewardship, collaborative learning, and application of evidence to heighten and accelerate positive health and development outcomes.

Panagora holds seven cutting-edge monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) prime awards on three continents (Dominican Republic, Colombia, Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, and India). These include many innovations and creative CLA (collaborating, learning, and adapting) solutions embraced by USAID.

Illustrative of the novel solutions that are the cornerstone of our business model, Panagora is the only small business to win one of five global USAID CLA Case Awards in 2016, and place among the top 25 entries in 2015. We regularly receive exemplary feedback from our clients. USAID recently rated our MEL work quality as “Exceptional” and all other areas “Very Good” and noted that Panagora has been “open, very flexible, and very responsive…” — amending our task order to include all Mission development objectives.

Panagora also works to advance USAID and industry small business goals. Our President, CEO, and Founder, Betsy Bassan led the transformation of SBAIC (Small Business Association for International Companies) over three pivotal years from an informal network into a registered and recognized advocate, as well as the formation of CIDC (Council of International Development Companies). Both initiatives advanced the voice of business at the aid policy table. In 2017, Ms. Bassan was named one of InsightSuccess’ 30 Most Inspiring Women in Business.

Panagora lives its core values of bringing passion, innovation, and excellence to our work. Our motto is “make it stick” — i.e., make it sustainable. We approach every challenge with an exit strategy, aiming to work ourselves out of the job at hand.

We look forward to continuing to partner with a broad range of organizations and individuals in our quest to make the world a better place for good. Join us!