Panagora Signs Support Effort to Prevent Misconduct

We are proud to be a member of the Professional Services Council’s Council of International Development Companies (CIDC), which released this set of guiding principles to “address the risk of misconduct in the workplace and protect vulnerable populations overseas.”

PSC released a press release with links to the guidelines, saying “‘PSC believes it is critically important now—as it always has been—that Implementing Partner employees, and those receiving aid and assistance funded by the U.S. government, feel safe, protected and respected at their workplace and overseas each day… These guiding principles reaffirm our member companies’ commitment to ensuring that they are providing clear policies to prevent all forms of misconduct, and that they are implementing supportive practices to address such instances, should they arise. This is as important in company headquarters as it is in refugee camps.”

Panagora is deeply committed to ethical and inclusive work practices and is actively engaged in providing ethics training and human resources support for all staff. We applaud PSC for organizing this effort.

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