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Panagora Celebrates 7 Years of Impact

This January marks Panagora Group’s seventh-year anniversary! Our current work spans across a dozen countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, managing activities ranging from global health; monitoring, evaluation, and learning; knowledge management and communications; public-private partnerships; and school-related gender-based violence. Here’s a look at some of our past milestones and upcoming plans.

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Panagora Signs MFAN’s Principles for Strategic Transitions from Development Aid

“It’s a long-term dream to reach a time when all countries can stand on their own, partnering in new ways,” says Panagora President and CEO Betsy Bassan of the recently released “Principles for Strategic Transition from Development Aid.”

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Panagora Founder Profiled in “30 Most Inspiring Women in Business”

Betsy Bassan, CEO and Founder of Panagora Group, is featured in the latest Insights Success Magazine as one of “The 30 Most Inspiring Women in Business!” Check out her profile, which details Betsy’s rise in the international development industry and the growth of Panagora as a social enterprise working to make the world a better place “through more innovative and cost-effective, out-of-the-box solutions.”

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Celebrating Science and Self-Advocacy in Marking My Ten-Year Breast Cancer “Cure” Milestone

Breast cancer has shaped my and my family’s life for at least three generations. What I learned from this family history of cancer is that each of us must be our own best advocates – as early detection detectives and empowered voices with our health care workers. We also must be ever grateful for the medical advances that make treatment options and survival rates better each year.

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Panagora Named a 2016 USAID CLA Case Competition Winner

The annual collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) Case Competition calls for real case studies of USAID staff and implementing partners using a CLA approach for organizational learning and better development outcomes.

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Panagora Group!

Panagora Group, a woman-owned social enterprise focused on global health and international development consulting, turned five this week! We are thrilled to mark this milestone by celebrating some key achievements.

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Panagora Only Small Business to Place in Top 25 of USAID’s CLA Case Competition

To tackle unacceptably low literacy and rising HIV infections, the Government of Uganda (GoU)
embraced an innovative strategy that integrates mother tongue reading instruction through the third
grade with health and HIV/AIDS education in primary and secondary schools. This is part of Uganda’s
effort to combat HIV/AIDS multi-sectorally, in this case marrying the fight against HIV/AIDS with its
goal of dramatically improving literacy.

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