Panagora’s Statement on Roe v. Wade

At Panagora, we live our values and are proud of the work we do—work that ultimately improves the health and livelihoods of women and families in countries around the world. As a woman- and employee-owned small business, we are speaking out about the recent erosion of reproductive rights in the United States, which threatens the rights of many of our employees.

As a company that supports and implements projects that improve the quality and access to maternal care for women and improves contraceptive security for women and families, we cannot be silent on this.

Ultimately, this should not be a political issue; this is about the right for everyone to choose and have access to comprehensive health care.

We also recognize that the door is now open for the erosion of rights for other groups in our country and that’s why it is critical that we raise our voices. Citing the civil rights leader, Fanny Lou Hamer, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

As a company, we are having an internal dialogue about these issues and ensuring that we are supporting employees who need access to care.