Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting in India Mechanism (CLAIM)

Collaborating, Learning and Adapting in India Mechanism (CLAIM) for USAID/India. Panagora led the CLAIM mechanism, which was awarded through a woman-owned small business sole source IDIQ, to provide technical and advisory services to the India Mission. Under this mechanism, we supported the achievement of USAID’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), which focused on India’s Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR) and sharing information across the Mission to achieve maximum impact. Under upcoming Task Orders, Panagora championed the integration of collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) throughout the design and implementation of USAID/India’s activities mission-wide, performed on-demand evaluations and assessments, built quality data collection systems, and integrated knowledge management with monitoring and evaluation findings. Panagora also supported organizational learning and fostered a results-oriented learning culture in the Mission by building Mission capacity in monitoring and evaluation as well as performance and adaptive management. We also built capacity among all stakeholders on GIS by training implementing partners, Mission staff, and Government of India staff. CLAIM was active from 2020-2023.