Indonesia Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

USAID/Indonesia Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Under the USAID/Indonesia Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning activity (2020-2025), Panagora is supporting USAID implement its new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) in the areas of:

  1. Monitoring support services
  2. Designing and conducting performance, impact, and developmental evaluations to learn from activities
  3. Providing research, data analysis, and assessment to identify gaps in assistance
  4. Providing short-, medium-, and long-term consulting services and logistical support
  5. Initiating collaboration, learning, and adapting (CLA) activities among stakeholders

Along with enhancing Mission MEL capability, we will also promote use of empirical evidence for programming, learning, and adapting as USAID supports the Government of Indonesia (GOI) with its Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR). All our work is anchored in USAID and GOI priorities at provincial, national, and regional levels. To engage new and underutilized partners as a key underpinning for advancing J2SR objectives, we will use a MEL Partners Fund for accessing talented Indonesian entities with MEL-related expertise. Panagora brings documented success with local capacity building through an approach that incorporates a deliberate exit strategy, putting local players in the driver’s seat.

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